• Next Day Delivery is finally here!

    Hey folks,Great news! From Monday, 15th of May, anything you order from us before 4pm, we'll be able to deliver to you on the NEXT WORKING DAY!***Provided you choose the 'next working day' service, that is.We've wanted to offer you this for ages, but until now it's been impossible, so we're rea... View Post
  • Gold Medal for Olympus Athlete

    We are super excited to report that Rick Jones, our CEO, smashed the GPC GB Qualifier. Congratulations Rick from all the team. Your dedication to training and approach to the job is an inspiration.  Here's his story in his own words:  The GPC judges were bloody brilliant -- harsh but fair -... View Post
  • Strength and mass made easy. One shake is all you need.

    What if I told you I had a secret weapon that was having a huge impact on my lifelong path to muscle mass and strength of late? It helped me to hit a 200kg / 440lbs  bench press for reps recently, at over 40 years of age! No, it's not steroids. It's PANTHEON ALL IN ONE... and whilst I can't te... View Post