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Rick Olympus Winner

We are super excited to report that Rick Jones, our CEO, smashed the GPC GB Qualifier. Congratulations Rick from all the team. Your dedication to training and approach to the job is an inspiration. 

Here's his story in his own words: 

The GPC judges were bloody brilliant -- harsh but fair -- and the spotters, loaders, record keepers and officials worked their asses off but still managed to really encourage everyone. Big shout to Dave Beattie -- a real gent with one of the coolest gyms I've ever set foot in.

Other competitors too... such decent guys and so many beasts in one place!

It was a learning experience for me and I intend to go to my next one with those lessons learned and ingrained, and any niggles fixed!

Well, here's a breakdown:

I was shitting a brick about squatting because during 'training' for this event if I did much as rolled over and slept on my side for ten mins I was getting hip/sciatica pain from hell -- it stopped me hitting my targets all the way through.

When I read back through my training log I went from squatting 270kgs for 5 one week to not being able to walk out 180 the week after, then one week I felt a 'pop' in quad and thought I was finished -- followed by a few weeks of missing squats to try and let it settle down.

My intention was to do 220 as a token lift and I was confident in my bench and deadlift to get me what I needed. So I opened at 220 and did it almost mindlessly.

No hip pain, so I figured I'd go up to 240 just to feel it out.

Spotter (who had no idea I was way under max) told me it went up much faster than the first. It did, 'cos I wasn't as nervous of it any more.

No pain, so I toyed with the idea of asking for 300, but still worried I'd trigger my hip and mess my whole day up.

I asked for 270, and if went up faster than the first two -- I reckon RPE-6, tops... 3 whites and it felt like nothing at all. Like a warm up. Instantly wished I'd been less cautious.

After squats, I honestly felt like I hadn't done anything yet -- no fatigue or tired feeling in back -- hadn't had to grind even a tiny bit. Argh.

Bench opened with 200 -- was like a warm up too, pause felt like forever, but it's no weight really so no worries.

Took 220 next, same deal. I racked it a bit too early because I was riled up, but got 2 whites and the lift stood.

Asked for 230, have done this paused in training no issues, but for some reason I stopped the bar before it got to my chest, when the command to press didn't come I realized and lowered it but got out of my line. Started it off my chest but not fast enough and bombed out. Grr.

Deadlift. Opened at 290, got it no issues as expected.

300, and the right side of the bar (my stronger grip side usually) felt like it was soaped. Got to top but right hand was opening -- dropped it. Blew my mind that did... I've done reps with that in training even on bad days.

Took 300 again, same bloody deal, all the way up and then my right hand suddenly had no grip. Laughed about it and was happy enough just to have made it to compete... no big deal, I'd come to a comp and lifted! 😃😃😃

No excuses, but afterwards, my mate suggested that the guy before me in the flight was pulling sumo, and for his 2nd and 3rd attempt had baby powder on his thighs. Right where my grip is, due to the size of me.

I perhaps should have called for bar to be brushed heavily. You live and learn. Not to worry.

Again, after deadlifts, didn't feel like I'd done them, as I never got to a weight where I felt my back or hamstrings... with my grip sorted I've got MUCH more in that lift.

So, 780 total... not where I wanted but I left at least 30kgs on the squat bar and know for next time, plus I learned a lesson or two and had really good fun.

Watch happy Rick video here

Rick Cert


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