What can Diet Whey do for you?

It's a New Year Resolution enabler!

What's your New Year's resoultion?
If, like many of us, it's to lose a few (or more) pounds after the Christmas feasting – and be in the best shape of your life for summer 2017 – chances are you're looking forwards to the results – but NOT the dieting!

We can help with that – for just £10.99 – with this stuff. Read on:

Olympus Health Diet Whey 1kg for £10.99 in Year's End Sale

Although it looks like any other 1kg tub of protein, Diet Whey can be your best friend when you're deep in the trenches fighting the fat or battling against the bulge:

  • It's tasty. Chocolate, strawberry or cookies and cream when it's not even a cheat day – that's enough to keep you sane on it's own!
  • It's filling. Full of a unique fibre and possessing a thicker consistency. There's a specially blended protein matrix too, which digests slowly, releasing amino acids into the bloodstream to preserve muscle and keep the metabolism burning fat as fuel.
  • It has mood-elevating ingredients. To keep you happy and motivated, we've added the awesome nootropic n-aceytl carnitine. This stuff not only improves mood, clarity of thought and wellbeing, but it has slight fat-burning properties and improves insulin sensitivity (which you likely damaged over Christmas – as we all did) too!
  • We've also added green tea polyphenols (the active parts) some caffeine and EGCG for heart health and even more metabolic support!

Diet Whey is normally £21.99 per-kilo... mostly due to the cutting edge ingredients included.

Between now and New Year, we've slashed the price to £10.99 – to support anyone trying to drop some lbs/kgs in the New Year!


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