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  • You Are Not A Hardgainer

    If you think you're a hard-gainer then you are wrong. Hard-gainers generally do not exist. What actually does exist is this: Those who don't consume enough calories.  And Those who train poorly. If you don't consume enough calories, then guess what?  You're not going to put on muscle. Unless, t... View Post
  • Bench Pressing: one man's guide to a modern test of gym prowess.

    "What ya lifting mate?" – see first comment. They usually mean "what do you bench press?", and for good reason: the bench press is reasonably easy to perform – skills-wise, at least – and highlights the masculine, scientifically acknowledged as a sexually dimorphic (look it up) quality of increased upper-body strength more than any other lift. 

    Your girlfriend might out-squat you... but if she's out-benching you you might need to hand over your man card and shave your beard. Don't blame me... science said so! View Post
  • Recent adventures in Powerlifting. Part. 2 – venues, heroes and weigh-ins

    In part one of this story, I'd explained how I'd finally summoned up the courage to test my strength and, to some extent, knowledge in the 'real world' of competitive raw powerlifting.I think something that's common amongst those of us who train hard – and, more importantly, take at least some o... View Post