Laurence Goodbody: signing in with a pre-PCA update, 24/04/2016

I can do anything through him who gives me strength, even competing on a budget!

I cannot believe it has already come to the end of week nine of competition prep dieting!

Time really does fly when your day is filled with eating every two and a half hours, training day on day off with the dreaded cardio every twelve hours.

Fortunately for me as I am home all day, I get to cook all of my meals as and when I need them, so no meal preparation the night before for me. And talking of meals, next week is going to be a tough one in terms of the total macro nutrients I will be ingesting:

In my introduction blog I shared my daily diet which has around 2000 calories being consumed daily. Of those 2000 calories there is a total of 249 grammes of protein and 144 grammes of carbohydrates, this will be changing for the start of week ten of my diet.

In addressing an assessment of my body fat total; my advisor Tad Morris at Total Fitness Emporium Gym advised not to go through the process as he felt that being able to still grab an inch on my side the process would prove the exercise pointless.

Laurence Goodbody Olympus Health budget bodybuilding diary

Now this may appear harsh as an understanding of fat levels has been missed, nevertheless Tad's knowledge in nutrition, the human body, exercise and experience far outweighs my own, in terms of looking after competitors at the gym and private clients.

Tad is a fountain of knowledge and will not mince his words when the crunch comes to the crunch, however his remarks in guidance are always constructive and justified. I cannot emphasise enough on how important it is to have the right people around you when striving for any goal in life!
So what is going to change in my diet? Well, I am going to rob Peter to pay Paul in order for Jeff to maintain what he already has – Peter being 'CARBS', Paul as 'PROTEIN' and Jeff as the 'MUSCLE MASS'!

As previously mentioned I am currently consuming 249 grammes of protein and 144 grammes of carbohydrates daily, this will be changing to 302 grammes of protein and 97 grammes of carbohydrates.

The reason for this is to force the body to tap harder into the reserves I have currently (adipose fat wiki link), however there is a slight risk of muscle wastage that we hope will be compensated by the increase of daily protein.

When dieting to a point wherein the carb value has dropped that will not sustain your cardio and training regime, the body will utilise whatever protein you ingest to make up the difference in order to produce the glycogen required to sustain your activities.

And, as you all know, we have to consume at best at least 1.5 grammes of protein to 1 pound of bodyweight daily in order for our muscles to repair and grow through protein synthesis. However, this has to be backed up by at least 2 grammes of carbohydrates to 1 pound of bodyweight daily, in order for our bodies to have a ready fuel source to carry out the activity that breaks down muscle tissue.

If I did not increase my protein intake; I would be way below my threshold which would see valuable muscle mass being taxed, and we certainly do not want that happening!

For my weight of 215 pounds I should be consuming 215 grammes of protein and 300 grammes of carbs just to maintain what I have but I still have around 10 pounds to lose, hence the new change.

I have to admit the end of week 9 has been really tough, for the first time on my cheat day I have really craved sugar, especially chocolate. Interestingly, having a small piece of cheese can rectify or stem the craving due to the magnesium content!

In addition, to help with my cravings I make a water based drink with certain ingredients that promote natural thermogenisis (recipe coming soon) as well as curbing cravings, but this weekend has been really tough.

Nevertheless and what I have forgotten to share with you, is that though I did not have my body fat measured; I lost six pounds in weight this week! I am now 15 stone and 5 pounds; it sounds a lot I know, but I have been hammering the cardio.

Last Friday saw a really tough back workout followed by an equally tough shoulder work out today (Sunday). I tend not to keep track of the weight I push or pull as I believe you should always work towards a goal where you lift the heaviest you can with strict form, and not 'MOMENTUM'.

I constantly have individuals ask how much can I bench and I am not rude in my response but totally honest; I tell them however I feel on the day and whatever fuel is in my body, I will lift the heaviest I can.

Laurence Goodbody Olympus Health budget bodybuilding diary


Too many starters become fixated with numbers and the higher the number the better, whether it's repetitions or weight. My rule of thumb is that if you can't get more that six repetitions out, then you are going too heavy, on the other hand if you are achieving more than twelve repetitions then you are going too light.

We have to remember that the muscle has to have enough force applied over a suitable duration and contraction in order to be broken down for growth hormone release and eventual repair!

How do I train?
I never warm up with stretches but every now and then will finish with them; I will explain in my next blog as to why I do this.

Whatever body part I am working on which is once a week, I will always start with a low weight in order to prepare the muscle for what is coming next.

For example, on Friday I trained back and started with close grip D ring seated cables.

Not paying attention to the weight I just popped the pin in two plates down and performed twelve reps, I then move the pin down every two plates until I hit the stack and then perform two heavy sets. My training partner Martman Powers loves this and calls it climbing down the tree.

Laurence Goodbody Olympus Health budget bodybuilding diary
After this is completed the whole back is truly warm and full of blood, so much so that you can feel your lats beginning to press against your triceps!

From there we move over to lat pull downs with a close grip still utilising the 'D' ring grip.

We just stick the pin in halfway down the stack for the first set and make a judgement for the next two sets based on how the back is feeling from the contraction to the stretch and overall energy level.

Laurence Goodbody Olympus Health budget bodybuilding diaryFrom there we then do some T bar rows, single arm dumbbell rows carrying out the same process for all.

Sometimes (and energy dependent) we will add a couple of sets of deadlifts or utilise more of the hammer strength machines.

For shoulders today we started off on a press going through the climbing down a tree method, we then moved on to single arm side lateral raises with dumbbells, from there to get an extra stretch on the muscle we performed some behind the back side lateral cable raises.

Laurence Goodbody Olympus Health budget bodybuilding diaryNext we worked the rear delts on a reverse peck deck and then moved onto barbell shrugs. As a final push we performed a couple of sets of front dumbbell raises and presses, just to force the blood into the muscles that little bit extra in order to stretch the membrane around the muscle.

Laurence Goodbody Olympus Health budget bodybuilding diary

Oh well, tomorrow is the start of week 10 and I am so looking forward to the arrival of my protein and fat burners.

To emphasise a point, when I was able to afford mass amounts of supplements, I would always supplement my diet with, Creatine, Glutamine, Protein of many varieties in terms of the speed of digestion, a good all round vitamin and branch chain amino acids.

All key elements that will and do help you grow, especially if you do not have the stomach size that allows you to just get what you need from food.

In addition, I sometimes found that my food bill could be reduced by intelligent supplementation. I cannot eat a lot in any sitting no matter how hungry I am, but what helped me was to have a protein drink in between my meals, especially if you are off season and have an all in one protein drink with added calories.

If you haven't read the 'Be a Protein Pro' on this website, then give it a read I recommend it; it is not everyday you get to read an honest account of how products are produced, taste, mix and conform to British standards (ISO9001). Now being an ex Business Process and Programme manager; I know what I am talking about when it comes to ISO certification and true governance and to say the least for the great cost effective pricing that Olympus Health provide, you are getting more than just quality.


Carb Free Cloud Bread Recipe. For those of you who miss eating bread due to dieting and would like to try out a carb free cheat alternative, here is a recipe that I used within my first eight weeks of dieting. The only additional cost to me was the low fat cream cheese as all of the other ingredients came from my current diet or the cupboard.


Laurence Goodbody Olympus Health budget bodybuilding diaryIngredients: 3 eggs separated, 3 tablespoons of low fat cream cheese, ¼ teaspoon of baking powder, 1g artificial sweetener (I crushed up my sweeteners that I use in my coffee)


Method. Preheat oven to 300 degrees, Separate the eggs very carefully, there must be no yolk in the white.

In one bowl, mix together the egg yolks, the 3 tbls of cream cheese and the 1g of sweetener until smooth.

In the other bowl add 1/4 tsp of baking powder to the whites and beat the whites on high speed until they are fluffy and form nice peaks.

Very carefully fold the egg yolk mixture into the egg whites until mixed, but try and not break down the fluffiness of the egg whites too much (it is better to use a metal knife or spoon for the folding as blunt or thick utensils tend to break the mixture down).

Spray an oven tray with your fat-free cooking spray.

With a large spoon, "scoop" the mixture into 10 even rounds onto the tray (about the size of the top-half of the McDonalds hamburger bun; roughly 3/4 inch thick and 4 to 5 inches across).

Bake on the middle rack. Here is when you have to watch them, because the cooking time may vary dependent on your oven.

It is somewhere around 1/2 hour, but it could be less or more. You just need to watch them until they become nice and golden brown.

Remove from the tray and cool on a rack or cutting board. While warm they are crumbly and similar to cooked meringue - but don't let this fool you!

Once completely cool, seal them in an airtight bag or tupperware over night.

They will totally change their consistency, to something much more like bread - a softer texture that is nice and chewy.

If you do not like softer chewy bread, then eat them as they are, nice and crisp.

Since the sides that were facing the pan are perfectly flat, you use these to spread things on, or make sandwiches, or even as a burger bun! The choice is up to you, and you will be quite amazed at how much like a bun these really are! I have made these a few times and added other ingredients like garlic salt and herbs or a tsp of honey just to mash the taste buds. Enjoy!!

Believe in yourself in your goals and all that you do, take on board what you are told from those who give you praise and utilise the negatives from those who put you down and turn that negative energy into a positive one in the gym.

Eat, sleep, train and supplement your efforts, not at the cost of others but what you can afford to get you there and your dreams will come true. Kai Greene is a prime example. Be strong and grow stronger, be what others cannot be because you can.

Signing out till next time

Yours Laurence Goodbody

Laurence Goodbody Olympus Health budget bodybuilding diary


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