Roger Evans – BudBod (Budget Body), the journey so far.

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In June 2013 I became a dad to twins. Having no support, no family close by to help with the children, whilst trying to juggle work and family life, things started to slip. The first thing was the gym, then shortly afterwards, sensible, regular eating. I was finding that I would skip food all day and only eat once the kids had gone to bed.

The weight started to slowly pile on. My work shirts started to become tight and the lbs started to add up. It would be the odd one or two lbs a week but quickly I stopped weighing myself as I was to ashamed of the increases of weight each week, and accepted that I needed to buy the next size clothes each month and avoid mirrors wherever possible – not to see what was happening to me.

Roger Edwards BudBod BEFORE dietOver about a year and half I put on a huge amount of weight. I think the turning point for me was one night when I got out of breath walking up the stairs to put the children to bed. That night, I thought enough was enough. I got the scales out and weighed myself. Then I took a photo of of what I had become. I could not believe what I saw.

I couldn’t do this lightly, I needed to get the weight off and not give myself any excuses. I researched challenges and body transformations and decided to complete a 100 day challenge. I didn’t follow any specific 100 day challenge plan just my goal was to get fit, lose weight as much as I could in 100 days.
We had two cars, and we decided to sell one. I would cycle to work. As the weight started to slowly come off, I decided it was finally time to go back to the gym. Instead of looking for the poshest gym with loads of extras that I would never use (but would pay a premium membership for) I found a cheap, no frills gym that I didn’t feel guilty taking out a membership with. Weight training then became an important and main part of my training however felt that my training was missing something.

Olympus Health supplementsI started to research protein products to help with my training and challenge. Very quickly, I realised that there were so many products out there all pretty much offering the same thing, but all very expensive. I just couldn’t justify spending that money on these products.

Just as I was just about to give up I came across Olympus Health.

I was apprehensive at first as I thought three months supply of protein – for the price of one month from the other companies – sounded too good to be true.

I took the plunge and ordered my first 5kgs of PRO-XL and never looked back... what a fantastic product!

After 30kg weight loss in 100 days, I have continued to maintain my new, lower weight very easily – and without breaking the bank, thanks in no small part to the affordability and potency of Olympus Health products.

Roger Edwards BudBod AFTER diet I'm so motivated, that I've decided I want to go that step further by entering the UKBFF physique competition on the south coast April 2016. This has been something I have always thought about doing, but never thought I could achieve – but thanks largely to these amazing Olympus Health products and the support from my family, I really believe I can achieve this!

I am currently studying for my masters, while working full time  – and being an active dad and supportive husband. I'm happy to say that with my new-found energy, I have time for all of these and don't feel I am neglecting any of them. I have more on my plate now than back when the children were born, and I still find the time to commit 100% to all my goals and responsibilities. 

There is really no excuse, you just have to adapt.

I have created social media accounts under budbod (budget body), and you can follow my journey to the UKBFF – and what I do to prepare – here on the Olympus Blog as well as on my Facebook page.

I hope to prove – and maybe even encourage others to realise – that there is no excuse, no matter how busy you are, or what budget you are on. You really can achieve your dream body. Please follow me on my journey and spread the word that dreams, ambitions and healthier, better bodies can be created with enough will and determination.

Follow Roger's contest prep right here.

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