Budget bodybuilding diary pt. 6 – Motivation Matters – Kevin Ryan

Motivation Matters!

One of the biggest challenges you’re going to have during any goal you set yourself is keeping yourself motivated throughout the whole process. It’s going to be generally easy at the start, as your high as a kite knowing you have done the leg work of sorting your diet and training plan out, not to mention having that image in your head of how you think you’re going to look at the end of the journey.

Give it a few weeks-to-months, depending on what sort of person you are, and I guarantee you that you will struggle to keep your head in the game from time to time. Like most of us, shit just comes up and you need to deal with it, whether it be an illness, stress or even just boredom. I have been victim to this on loads of occasions over the years, but I’m determined not to fall into that trap again anytime soon.

How do I stay inspired and motivated? I have two types of motivatiors that keep me going and the first one is probably the same as 99% of people out there – someone famous! However, the second is someone close, and personal to me.

Terry Crews physique inspiration So, first things first let’s get the famous one out the way first and I bet your going to try and figure this out and say Dwayne Johnson – aka The Rock. Well, a good few years ago you might have been right, but not for a few years now (although the guy is an absolute unit and is in a shape I could only dream of). No, my celebrity inspiration is a guy named Terry Crews, and if you don’t know his name then you definitely will know his face. Terry is a 47 year old actor from the US, who was an NFL player in his younger days, and has starred in all sorts of TV shows and movies – like The Expendables, White Chicks and many more. You figured out who he is yet?

Well, this guy is almost 50 years old, holds amazing shape, condition and size – and has done so, consistently, for most of his adult life. He is, in my opinion, a true athlete who is in better shape than 99% of the population even with the mileage going up. Not to mention that – on a mental level – he is a genuinely good guy who isn’t up his own ass – a real humble Gent. Just seeing this guy o TV is enough to light a fire under my ass and make you burst a few more reps out and build some serious muscle.

The second type of person to use as inspiration and motivation is, like I said before, someone personal to you that you know and can count on as support for when things get tough. Excuse the smell of cheddar here but mine is honestly my wife right now. Before we had our youngest girl about a year ago, she was always a curvaceous woman – and by that I mean tiny waist but all boobs and bum – a proper hourglass figure that turns heads! She's what I like to call a white girl with a black girls genes.

Kevin Ryan Budget Bodybuilding DiaryLike most women, she has never been happy with her weight and thinks she should still be a size 8-10 like when she was 18, but we can relate right? If we're honest, there aren’t many of us guys that are happy with how we look, (well, us grounded guys that is as there are a few numptys in my gym who seem to genuinely think they look amazing).

Anyways, since having our wee girl she has struggled with getting her pre-baby figure back as a lot of women do, and it definitely didn’t help that the first six months we lived on takeaways, as it was just easier with everything going on. You see, my wife had a pretty traumatic birth as she had a urine infection that the docs missed and when she was took into hospital to be induced the infection got into her bloodstream.

After a few nervous hours of not knowing what was wrong with her and the babies heartbeat going through the roof, she was rushed into an emergency Cesarean section, as her and the baby were at risk – and thank god they did, as it was a close call with our wee one and my wife – the infection was doing serious damage.

She spent over a week in hospital overall fighting the infection and was bed bound for weeks after that too, with the c-section and infection just flooring her. I will be brutally honest, and say it put me off having another baby, as I thought I was going to lose them both at one point.

Even when everything worked out and we got home, I really struggled to adjust, as I was caring for my wife and the baby and don't mind admitting I was a bit overwhelmed. I managed to pull through it though, but life just stood still for a few months, and whatever the easy option was in regards to getting through the day we decided to take that it – which meant takeaways galore.

Kevin Ryan Budget Bodybuilding DiaryBoth my own and my wife’s bodies suffered through this time with bad food, exhaustion and stress, but things began to click and we began getting our shit together – and well I’m the proudest happiest father and husband now.

The reason I go into all this is, that seeing my wife go through what she went through with the birth and the nuclear fallout after it too, I really developed a respect and admiration for her that I couldn’t even begin to do justice with words on a page. It’s just there and I feel it really deep inside me when I think about it all, and how I feel about her.

On top of that recently she saw a “biggest loser” weight loss challenge advertised in the local newspaper. It was being run by the local council’s gym, and being covered in detail by the local newspaper. Whoever lost the most percentage of weight and inches over 8 weeks would be crowned the winner, and get a year’s gym membership free of charge to go with their own spread in the newspaper!

My wife decided to apply, and got herself an interview as they were only selecting a handful of people to do the challenge. Just as I thought, she was selected.

Now a wee bit of vital information about the good wife, is that she loves her Zumba classes but hates hardcore exercise. Also, she hates working out in the gym proper, and her diet matches that of my 13 year-old daughters at times – she loves her sugary sweets and shit like that.

So I thought I would just see what she did with this challenge – perhaps try and help her with information and things like that  – but she can’t eat most of the stuff I eat, so she tries to adjust it for her taste buds.

Anyways, what I've actually I seen over the last 2 weeks has been nothing short of amazing in regards to a genuine determination and drive to really smash it and win this thing.

She has been doing all sorts of classes like spin and body pump – which she hates – and sometimes 2-3 a day! Her diet has been so strict and on-point I still can’t believe it. To see someone you love and respect really, positively change their lifestyle to reach a goal with their body (especially after such a traumatic time) is more motivation to me than 100 Terry Crews, and really drives me when I get a bit lazy.

It's all working for her too, as she’s banging out an average of nearly 4 pounds a week loss in weight, and its making me work my ass off to try and take those 4 pounds onto my body in muscle!

Apart from just seeing her do this and feeling how I do about her, I think the hidden motivation trigger in all this is that if I can work my ass off and win this competition in May, I'll see her looking at me the way I look at her just now, knowing she is thinking how proud she is of me, is better than anything in this world.

It's only her opinion that matters to me, and to know she genuinely feels that is what is driving me. How could I not be motivated?

Kevin Ryan Budget Bodybuilding Diary