Budget bodybuilding diary pt.7 – Kevin Ryan

Me vs. me.

I have been struggling a bit this week with my motivation – getting to the gym in the mornings – and most days I haven’t managed it at all before work. 

Kevin Ryan Budget Bodybuilding Diary Olympus Health BlogThis is probably a combination of me just feeling tired, and lacking the will power to get up at 5.30am to sort my shit out before the gym and work. Added to that, my teenage daughter is going through a phase of, well, putting it politely, being a pain in the arse when it comes to her behaviour and school work. 

Anyone with a teenager will be going through the same stuff, so I’m not feeling sorry for myself, but it’s a hard pill to swallow when at the same time my one year-old is teething and having us up most of the night, most nights.

I’m a grumpy man at the best of times (with little sleep) so add all this together and I’m a nightmare. I feel sorry for my poor wife who’s dealing with all this too, as well as trying to keep me happy and stress free. I’m like a bear with a sore head storming about this house lately. 

With this all said and done, I have to admit that I have been struggling with getting to the gym – and when I get there, struggling to get a good workout under my belt. Don’t get me wrong I manage to get there and get it done, and – crucially – when I’m there I somehow manage to get my weights and reps to increase, so I’m happy with that. 

I have been using my usual techniques of motivation – like using other people as inspiration – as well as people and things that are close to me that usually get me going but I’m struggling this week. 

So, to give me a helping hand this week, I decided to design myself a tasty bedtime healthy snack. With this recipe, I’m fuelled-up and raring to go in the morning from my bedtime protein and oats from the night before. 

Olympus Health PRO-XL protein shake powderI threw a quick no-cook recipe thing together, which is basically oats, Olympus Health PRO-XL, milk and yogurt. Leave it to soak for 24 hours and it’s good to go. Bonus; it tastes amazing. 

This gives me a good amount of energy for my morning workout, and makes getting up a little easier. I'll put the recipe below with all the macros and costings – along with a link for the YouTube video

Now when I get up I sometimes need a pick up and go that does more than my coffee alone, so I've started using Olympus Health Pre Workout Overload. It gives me a hard kick up the ass, and has me running to the gym, never mind struggling to get out the door to the car. 

When I get to the gym, some days whether it be a morning workout or a late afternoon workout, I sometime feel a bit lethargic halfway through it and it’s easy to give up the ghost a bit. 

When I feel like this I begin to play a wee game with myself. I look at what reps I did on my last workout for the exercise I’m about to do, and I tell myself I need to bang out 1 more rep this week on it, or add another 5kg on it for the same reps – and if I don’t do this then something a want really badly in life at the moment like that new promotion or my weekend accumulator to come in won’t happen. 

I always manage to get that extra rep in or lift that extra weight – so it really works for me, but it has to be said that I am very superstitious, so I guess it's bound to!

You can use this to just get yourself to the gym when you can’t be bothered, too, as we all know that’s the biggest challenge when we’re feeling tired or stressed. 

So, this week it’s all been about juggling the stresses of having a family with my weight training and diet, and finding a way to force myself to do the things that I simply can’t be arsed doing. 

This won’t be the last time this happens to me throughout this journey but it’s good to know I have some tricks in my mental locker that will get me through it, and allow me to manipulate myself to get the work done –  Rather than being lazy and getting depressed about it. 

So, with that all said and done I will tell you about this high-protein bedtime pudding that I have fallen in love with.


Macros & Costings (3 servings)

  • Calories 357g
  • Fat 6g
  • Carbs 40g
  • Protein: 35g


  • Add to a bowl oats, yogurt, milk and protein shake powder
  • Mix all together
  • Divide into 3 air tight containers
  • Leave in fridge for 24 hours before serving