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All jokes aside, this could be me...

Olympus Health Job Interview with a bodybuilder –"what are your weaknesses?"

IMPORTANT, please read:

We've been all over the place lately, I'll admit.

But it's because we've been listening, and as a result we've tried to make some pretty drastic changes to Olympus Health, our supplements and the way we get them out to you. For instance:

- We've come up with an all-whey, great-tasting alternative for those who want cheap protein, but don't like PRO-XL. ASCENT WHEY answers all of the things people wanted changed about PRO-XL, so there's a 5kg option for everyone.

- We're moving, very soon, to a new standard shipment method that will allow smaller orders to be delivered in 24-36 hours – and in some cases maybe even less. The work 'behind the scenes' to be able to do this has caused us some delays lately – but those are HISTORY... as long as Olympus Health isn't, that is.

I don't want to work for some massive, faceless supplement empire... I want to work for YOU.

By extension, this means Olympus Health works for YOU... we listen and we do our best to provide the best value supplements possible, with the best service a small team can offer.

So, we need YOU to do just two things – or maybe 3:

1) Take advantage of our prices, and BUY our stuff!

2) Tell your friends, and get them onboard (we'll even reward you for referrals).

3) Keep the suggestions coming. We're small enough to listen, and just might get big enough to make them happen.

Yours in Sport,
Rick (CEO)

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