Latest from Laurence – Bodybuilding on a Budget

I can do anything through him who gives me strength, even competing on a budget!

Well hello Olympus Health Team and Friends; I hope you are all well and thought it time for an update on my competition!

Calorie Deficit, what a killer!

Olympus Health Protein to the People t-shirt in purple Since my last blog my diet strategy has changed just a little but with a big impact on the old willpower and sustainable strength.

My total daily calorific intake now only meets that of eight times my body weight in pounds. For example;

I currently weigh 202lbs multiply that by eight – which equals 1616: this is the total amount of calories I can have each day.

The make up of calories sees my protein intake in grams matching that of my bodyweight in pounds 202lbs = 202g. This is to ensure that there is sufficient protein intake to maintain the current muscle mass.

The other calories can be made up of whatever fats or carbohydrates I choose, but without exceeding my daily calorific threshold.

In a nutshell, my current calorific threshold means I am in constant deficit to maintain my current weight. Therefore, with this in mind the body has to tax my fat reserve to ensure there is enough fuel for energy to cover the activities I undertake daily.

If I wanted to maintain my weight I would just change the multiplication to twelve and to fourteen or higher.

What My Diet Looks Like Today


Olympus Health Pro-XL protein 5kgs banana ideal for pancakesMade with 2 eggs, 50g plain Greek yoghurt, 25g Oats, Pinch of Cinnamon, Ginger & Nutmeg, 1⁄2 tsp Baking Powder – and most importantly 1 scoop of Olympus Health Pro XL Banana Flavour. Jif Lemon poured over to help it go down! (Sometimes I substitute the oats for a banana).

100g Diced Fried Chicken in seasoning mix provided in my first blog, 50g microwaved steamed broccoli, 25g diced cheddar cheese,

100g microwave steamed fish in seasoning mix provided in first blog, 100g baked potato,

50g microwave steamed broccoli, 20g mayonnaise.

112g tinned tuna in brine and drained, 100g baked potato, 50g microwave steamed broccoli,

100g Diced Fried Chicken in seasoning mix provided in my first blog, 50g microwaved steamed broccoli, 10g mayonnaise.

Pancake made with 2 eggs, 50g plain Greek yoghurt, 25g Oats, Pinch of Cinnamon, Ginger & Nutmeg,

1⁄2 tsp Baking Powder and most importantly 1 scoop of Olympus Health Pro XL Banana Flavour. Jif Lemon poured over to help it go down!

21:00hrs alternative dependant on mood

Olympus Health PRO-XL Protein Pancake100g Greek plain yoghurt, mixed with 1 scoop of Olympus Health Pro XL Banana Flavour, (I bet this would be lovely with the Lemon Yoghurt flavour Pro XL) a squirt of jif lemon, 1 tsp peanut butter.

Analytically Process Driven

All of the above is maintained within an Excel workbook that I have created, in order to keep track and have evidenced recordings to look back on, just in case certain timings or values have had a greater beneficial effect.

A little Anal I know, but hey in order to succeed this is the only way I can satisfy my endeavour.

The image below is a day taken from my workbook, you will notice that though I have a total for calorific values; I do not have individual values against each item. The reason for this is the misleading information you find today on the net or indeed the actual packaging of some products.

By rule of thumb – and within my formula – each gramme of carbohydrate and protein we consume equals 4 calories with fat being 9 calories.

Laurence Goodbody Olympus Health budget bodybuilding diary excel diet spreadsheet example

Through the early stages of my prep we were looking at the PCA London show, however after 12 weeks of dieting it was quite clear I was not going to make it.

I have always stated that I will not step on stage just to make up the numbers and until I am in a feathered condition.

Competing on a budget can be done, but it can have its downsides too. In not being able to get into the condition I believed fit for the PCA London Show, it was very difficult to find another competition that did not require extensive investment in travel.

My sister in law came to the rescue with the loan of her car for an upcoming show, the UKBFF Zak Khan Classic to be held in Hertfordshire on the 10th of July, at The Alban Arena Civic Centre, St Albans.

Tad Morris had taken my fat measurements a couple of weeks ago – those were quite promising – until Warren Dyson of Emporium Gym and the PCA had taken a look at me last week.

Hold Back Slow Down Slowly Catch The Monkey 

In going through some mandatory poses at Emporium gym for Warren Dyson, I got the impression he was pleasantly surprised with my physique.

Laurence Goodbody Olympus Health budget bodybuilding diaryKai GreeneApparently (at my age?!!!!!!!) legs reduce in size, however Warren was quite taken back by the size of my legs and overall symmetry. So much so he has asked me not to break my back in trying to make the grade for the UKBFF Zak Khan Classic.

Instead and due to my size and shape, Warren wants me to lose another 14lbs and slow down in my diet process. This is because he does not want me to lose any muscle mass through the rigours of trying to make the grade in a short time frame.

Instead he would rather me keep my muscle mass and monitor my physique weekly and plan from thereon with the mindset of competing when I hit the mark.

I am now looking at the PCA Muscle Talk Championships to be held in Kettering, hopefully qualifying for the 2017 PCA finals and quite possibly an invite to the PCA Wawan Classic in Kuwait.

Thereafter – and a big thank you to Rick and Team Olympus – I will be able to compete in the West Midlands UKBFF qualifier on 25th of September. 

I am sincerely indebted to Warren Dyson of Total Fitness Emporium Gym and Rick plus the Olympus Team at Olympus Health for the support I have received.

Body­building on a budget is hard enough, but to be able to compete through the help I have received is a blessing beyond my expectations, especially with my budget just recently becoming tighter.

If you have a will and honest support you can do it. Keep those who matter close and those that don't closer, because they can only drive you more!

Until Next Time, keep eating, supplementing with Olympus when possible and rest, training is just five percent of the total equation in body­building; it's the one hundred and ten percent of effort that counts.

OH! You have to try the Pro XL pancakes, they are delicious and a great craving curber!!!