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One Golden rule to build your Aesthetic Physique

Connection over ego!

Strength is a really important attribute when building your physique, but more importantly is the connection between you, your mind and your muscles.

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Don’t get me wrong we’ve all been there, it’s rush hour the gym suddenly gets packed, through the corner of your eye you can blatantly see your gym nemesis staring at you and you just want to show off what weight you can move.

So you go ahead and load up the bar, usually you wouldn’t attempt this type of weight but right now your ego took over and you just have to show what all the training and hours you’ve been putting in have built.

There’s 2 outcomes to this scenario:

  1. You manage the complete the reps, but you still don’t feel satisfied because they’re were shaky and your spotter gave you a bit of a hand.
  2. Unfortunately, you don’t manage to get the reps and now you look like an ass, or worse than that you actually might have injured yourself.

Either way let me tell you that won’t be helping you building your physique, a strength athlete has one single aim move the weight from point A to B, when it comes to us bodybuilders it goes a bit deeper than that, especially when the aim is to build our physique like a statue so let me go ahead and go straight to the point.

Like Arnold would say when building your physique, you need to look at it as a piece of clay ready to be moulded however you desire.

If this really is your goal than stimulation of the muscles it’s your goal and not moving crazy amounts of weight, like I said yes strength training is very important but as a tool to measure progress and make sure you and your lifts keep progressing. And what I mean by that is pretty simple you need to perform your main Compound movements like the Squat or Bench Press, and those are the lifts you’ll keep an eye making sure they’re progressing week after week, if those lifts are progressing it means your weight is going up and your isolation movement will also progress.

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Now that we’ve cleared that, when building your physique one of the most important things will be your isolation movements, these are the movement that will mould your ‘clay’ so this are the movements you need to focus on and forget about the ego, most important thing is to stimulate the muscle you’re training, build that mind to muscle connection and feel the burn, you need to be sure you’re hitting the desired muscle to the best of your ability.

Let’s say you’re performing a DB Bench Press you get 30kg DB’s and this is fairly heavy weight for you, you manage to get 10 reps but they’re quite shaky and fast once you complete the set you feel a slight burn on your Delts and Triceps, this is a clear sign that the weight should be decreased and that instead of you using your Chest to its full potential and stimulate it 100% let’s say it was more like 60% Chest, 20% Delts, 20% Triceps.

Celso Santos Olympus Health Blog Project Aesthetics

The good news is that you are now aware of that, so what you should do next is decrease the weight and focus on better reps and a better squeeze throughout the movement, you want to control the DB’s let’s go for a rule of thumb of 4 seconds on the negative bringing the DB’s down nice, slow and controlled, and explode up on the positive while being able to squeeze your chest at the top of the movement.

Most important thing is to shut everything out, not really be bothered if you’re lifting 10kg and the guy next to you is lifting 50kg your main thought should always be on what’s best for you, and what’s best to build your physique, if you need to decrease the weight to perform better reps and achieve better stimulation of the desired muscle than that’s what you should be doing, what others are thinking or saying shouldn’t matter at the end of the day you’re doing this for you and no-one else!

And trust me you lifting 10kg with controlled reps and perfected stimulation of the movement, will feel like you’re lifting 10x heavier than what you really are… So guess what?

When it comes to your muscles they don’t know if you’re lifting 10kg or 50kg all they know is how hard they’re actually being worked, so instead of focusing on weight focus on making each and every set count!

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How do I improve my mind to muscle connection?

Just before I wrap it up I’d like to help you guys by leaving a bit more knowledge so you can improve your mind to muscle connection.

Mind to muscle connection can be one of the most annoying and hard things to improve, truth is we all have muscles we can connect to easier than others, and one way to know the muscles we have a better connection to is by knowing what your stronger and weaker body parts are, the better connection you have the easier it’ll be for that muscle to progress and grow.

Now the best advice I can give you when it comes to improving your mind to muscle connection is simple, get a weight that you can easily perform 15-25 reps and at the end of each exercise perform 1-2 sets of high reps with that weight focusing solely on controlling the movement and also the squeeze of the muscle, also try tap the muscle your building the connection with for instance if you’re performing Bicep Curls tap the Bicep and focus on the squeeze at the top, exercises like the Bench Press ask your spotter to tap your chest here and there during the set to keep your mind focused on the desired area.

I know it sounds simple, but that’s all you need to build that mind to muscle connection and that’s the main thing you need to build your aesthetic physique!

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I hope you found the article helpful, if you have please leave some feedback and also any ideas on what you guys would like me to write about next.

- Celso @projectaesthetics