The forgotten art of performing the Vacuum!

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The forgotten art of performing the Vacuum!

By Celso Santos of @ProjAesthetics

Why should the Vacuum be a weapon in your arsenal?

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Truth be told is that if you ask around if people know how to perform the Vacuum, you’ll most probably be looked at sideways.

Why you ask? Because it’s a really old technique that seems to have been forgotten these days.

Olympus Health blog vacuums If like me you’re passionate about old school bodybuilding, then I’m sure you’re more than aware of what a Vacuum is. So why should you be able to perform the Vacuum?

To be completely honest with you, depending on who you’re asking the question to, different answers will be given, so today I will be giving you my 2 main reasons on why you should know how to Vacuum.
Regardless if you’re aware or not after this post you’ll be a little more informed about it.

Improve your Compounds!

If you read my previous article I spoke about performing your Compound movements, just like the Squat, Bench Press or Deadlift. Even though at first you might think what does performing Vacuums has anything to do with my compounds, truth is training your Vacuum is not just for show, one of the benefits of it is that it strengthens your core muscles.

Everyone loves to perform their crunches or leg raises which is absolutely fine, they do help you strengthen your core by targeting your rectus abdominus and the external obliques also known as the Inner and Outer Abdominals.

But two very neglected Abdominal muscles are the Transversus Abdominus and Lumbar Multifidus which are the inner abdominus muscles, these muscles lie beneath the Rectus Abdominus and External Obliques.

Your inner abdominal muscles support your posture and also control your deep breathing during power movements, such as the Squats.

By you strengthening your inner abdominal wall, you can easily relieve and limit back pains and also create a tighter mid-section.

So performing your Vacuums is definitely in your best interests, especially if lifting heavy on your compounds is something you enjoy.

  1. Can I shrink my waist? Truth is there’s no way you can shrink your waist, that’s just how you were born and genetics, but then again bodybuilding is all down to the illusion of you looking bigger than what you actually are, and performing Vacuums does in my opinion play its part by helping you tightening up your waist.

Obviously simply getting your waist tighter won’t portray the illusion of you being wider than what you are, but then again that’s when building your physique, the correct way comes into play.

If one of your goals is to look wider, your focus should mainly be to have a tight Waist, wide Back and capped Delts.

Which will then give you a wider look and the illusion of a smaller waist.

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One forgotten exercise that will help you improve your Vacuum, and also help your width?

I know you’re wondering what exercise could’ve been forgotten if has such great benefits, well I am indeed referring to the DB Pull-Overs.

Dumbell Pullover Olympus Health blog

This was such a staple in the Arnold era and to be fair with you, it does fall under the category of being one of my favourite exercises.

There’s so many fancy gym equipment these days, that exercises like the DB Pull-Over have easily been forgotten when they really shouldn’t, sometimes the basic movements are the most effective ones, and when it comes to this one it definitely has become a lost gem.

Even though some people take this as a pure myth, truth is I do believe that the DB Pull-Over when it’s well performed it can effectively help you expand your rib cage.

Olympus Health Blog Celso Santos ab vacuum
With that being just another benefit to this beautiful exercise, truth is that while performing it you won’t just be working a muscle group but up to 4!

Yes 4! Performing the DB Pull-Over correctly will not only get your Chest involved but also your Abs, Lats & Triceps, now tell me how can this gem not benefit you? It’s just a really underrated exercise, that everyone should be doing!!!

So now I hope all this information gets put to good use and you all start performing your Pull-Overs!

Just before I go, remember to perform the exercise across a bench and most important DO NOT rush it! When it comes to this particular exercise one of the most important factors is the stretch, so feeling the deep stretch at the end of the movement is a must with it, to make sure you reap the full rewards make sure your form is spot on, so be sure to keep both your head and hips down.

 I hope you found the article helpful, if you have please leave some feedback and also any ideas on what you guys would like me to write about next.

Celso @ProjAesthetics

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