The perfect split for a natural bodybuilder! By Celso Santos @projaesthetics

What is the optimal split for a natural bodybuilder?
In this day and age with so many fitness athletes around the world, so many YouTube channels and loads of information around the internet it's easy to get carried away and think that the best training split to use, is the one that your fitness idol follows.

Come on how can it not be?

Have you seen most of these athletes?
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"They look great and they’ve mentioned multiple times that they’ve been following their current split for years, so if that means that they have achieved their physique by doing that, that’s exactly what I’m going to do!"

So many factors come into play when looking at things from that perspective; is your idol a natural bodybuilder like yourself?

Would his split be optimal for you, your lifestyle and also your physique?

Remember, everyone’s bodily biomechanics are different: can you perform the exercise your idol is performing to their full potential and achieve similar results? 

Olympus Health Blog @projaesthetics beginner bodybuilding split Like I said, so many different variables come into play when picking what kind of split you’re following, so I will just give you my own opinion on what might be best for you:

Early years of bodybuilding?

Okay guys, so we all know that the first months/years of your bodybuilding career are the best! You'll definitely put on muscle and you'll gain the most amount of it.

Your body will be in complete shock once you start lifting weights and being on a calorie surplus, at first, anyway. But with time, and once it adapts to training, the harder it gets for you to grow.

For a beginner bodybuilder splits like ‘Chest/Triceps, Back/Biceps, Legs/Shoulders, Rest and repeat’ are the most common – because they tend to be the ones that work the best.

I’m not saying you can’t follow a really full on customised/tailored split, but the truth is, because you’re only just starting to lift there’s no way you know what your strengths are, regardless of what split you do at the beginning.

Thanks to your, genetics your best body parts will overtake the genetically weak ones, therefore a split like that or a ‘Push/Pull/Legs’ is a great starting point!

Once you know your body a bit better, then you should 100% follow a more in-depth training split.

Advanced years of bodybuilding (2+ years) – IMPORTANT

Now this is where a lot of people go wrong. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

There’s people out there who have been lifting for 2+ years, they clearly know their strengths and weaknesses, yet they still choose to follow splits that are not optimal to improve their physique.

So for instance, let’s say you’ve been lifting for a couple of years, you go to the gym all your mates and other gym members really compliment your Back – and you know that Back is your strongest point, looks nice: wide and thick.

Celso Santos @projaesthetics Olympus Health Blog

The compliments do definitely sound nice, but knowing that your back is your strongest body part – and also knowing that it is over-developed, compared to, let’s say; your legs – then your plan of action should be to focus on your legs and let your foot off the pedal when training your back a little bit.

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve been there, where you think by reducing the volume or frequency that you’re used to when training a certain body part – especially a body part that you usually train the hardest – can only bring one outcome.

You think you'll be losing gains and pushing back your progress.

Well, let me tell you that’s not entirely true!

Celso Santos @projaesthetics Olympus Health Blog

The truth is that with muscles that you notice are naturally stronger you’ll soon realise that you train the hardest – by no means do I just mean lifting heavier, but also pushing yourself further.

Therefore if you start training your Back once a week instead of twice, and give an extra slot to your leg training there will only be benefits from it. And why you ask?

Firstly, your back will start having more rest, which is not used to, therefore better growth can occur. 
Like I said since, (hypothetically, for the purpose of this story) your back is genetically one of your strongest body parts: if you already train hard while hitting it twice a week: imagine how much harder you can train once your back is getting more rest!

Secondly, you giving your legs an extra training slot can only mean progress and improvement in the leg department – which will make your physique more balanced and symmetrical, giving you a more aesthetic look.

Even though I used back and legs as examples depending on your physique could be the ratio of your chest to arms etc...

Everyone’s different and I hope you understand the point I’m trying to send across. Don’t be that guy/girl that only trains his/her strongest body parts.

Trust me, it’s much more rewarding to have a well-balanced physique that flows well from top to bottom, than – for instance – having an Arnold Schwarzenegger chest and spaghetti arms.
Celso Santos @projaesthetics Olympus Health Blog
Your body is your masterpiece so make sure you’re moulding it to the best it can possibly be.

Make sure you slow down on the frequency that you are used to training your strongest body parts, and focus on increasing the frequency of your weaker body parts!

I’ll see you guys on the next post, take care!

Celso @ProjAesthetics