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  • Recent adventures in Powerlifting. Part. 1 – Deciding to compete at 40 years old

    Hi all, For those of you who don't know me already, I'm Rick Jones – CEO of Olympus Health Supplements, and the big, bearded, tattooed guy to the far left (or is it right, if you aren't in it?) of this picture: The picture was taken at the GPC-GB Powerlifting Southern Qualifiers, held at Genesis... View Post
  • March 14th is Steak and BJ Day!

    We love protein, and we love BJs and we hate breast cancer. Today is a great day to do something about all three.  For every bag of protein you buy from us today we will donate £1 to breast cancer UK. We're running some great deals in our spring sale. So today is a beautiful day to build mus... View Post
  • One shake is all you need – and 10% off it this weekend!

    What if I told you I had a secret weapon that was having a huge impact on my lifelong path to muscle mass and strength of late? It's a firm favourite of World Powerlifting Champion Steve Thomasson. It helped me to hit a 200kg / 440lbs  bench press for reps recently, at over 40 years of age! No, ... View Post