• Bedrock Protein Powder
  • Bedrock Protein Powder
  • Bedrock Protein Powder

Bedrock Protein Powder

  • £35.99
  • £39.95
  • 23g protein per scoop
  • 165 Servings per 5kg pouch = 24p Per Serving
  • Low in Sugar & Low in Fat

#ProteinToThePeople the best value, high quality protein powder in the UK.

OLYMPUS HEALTH BEDROCK PRO-XL is an improved version of the original 'people's protein powder', PRO-XL. It's a highly effective multi-source (over 80%) protein matrix supplement with amino acids from whey, casein and non-GMO soy sources with no filler. All of the non-anabolic stuff has been removed. You won't find a better protein source at this price we guarantee it!

PRO-XL is a unique protein powder developed by us here at Olympus as an answer to the growing problem of supplement prices that were adding up to more than our weekly food shopping.

Of course, it was never going to be enough that it cost less, unless it worked. So we researched ingredients, tested blends and consulted experts until we came up with a true protein for the people PRO-XL. Check out the scores of verified 5* reviews for ProXL. This stuff works and now it tastes even better in vanilla!

It works (promotes recovery, muscle-growth and repair and a sustained positive nitrogen balance), and just about anyone can afford it.

We're proud of it, even more proud of the results some of our customers have achieved whilst using it and happy that we're able to supply the UK with a product that's unparalleled in its price-range (and in many cases, above).

For best value, buy 5kg protein option and get next day delivery. 

Suitable for vegetarians.





    Mix one scoop (30g) with water for 24.4g of protein. THIS STUFF IS QUITE THICK, especially if you're used to whey, so add as much water as you need to. Can be mixed with milk for extra protein and post-workout carbohydrates. Blend with nut-butters for added calories.

    Suitable for vegetarians.
    Store in a cool, dry place.

    Allergens: contains milk and soy products.
    This product is manufactured in a plant that handles nuts.

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