• Premium Mass Gainer 5kg
  • Premium Mass Gainer 5kg
  • Premium Mass Gainer 5kg

Premium Mass Gainer 5kg


  • #Mass4theMasses massive macros per-£!
  • A Whopping 65g of protein per serving
  • Unrivalled 1178 calories per serving
  • Contains Creatine Monohydrate

#Mass4the Masses this is the revised, improved version of our extremely popular original Mass Gainer product!

Olympus Health Hercules Mass Gainer is designed for you hard gainers and hardcore bulkers with calorie and macro requirements even bigger than your appetites.

This is a beast of a gainer, with 65g of protein , 5g of creatine and more calories than an average person's dinner, per-serving.

Go big or go home, they said. Let's show 'em!


Carbohydrates: as well as powdered oats, our weight gainer contains waxy maize starch, which is high in amylopectin – essentially a plant-based glycogen which works fast, post workout, to restore glycogen – quickly filling out hard-trained muscles.

Creatine: will help increase strength, power and muscle mass.

Taurine: wIll help aid recovery and muscle growth.

Glycine: has been shown to help prevent the breakdown of muscle by boosting the body's levels of natural creatine production. It also helps regulate blood sugar, and can reduce intra-abdominal fat accumulation.


    Directions for use: We either suggest 2 scoops with milk, or 4 scoops with water (if you want the full dose of creatine). THIS STUFF IS THICK, so instead of telling you how much, we just say use more than 500ml of water it'll help keep you hydrated, too. Hercules will fill you up, so space meals accordingly.


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