Frequently Asked Questions – answered!

Q. What is Olympus Health?

A. Olympus Health was founded by a small group of hard-training gym-addicts with regular jobs, families and modest incomes. Frustrated by the cost of protein supplements (even from the discount ‘bulk’ brands), the team began looking into ways to get what they needed at more realistic prices – initially, just for themselves. 

Whilst ‘real food‘ is ultimately ideal, the irony is that those of us who hustle through busy lives, responsibilities and financial pressures have the most to benefit from the convenience and nutritional support offered by protein shakes and supplements. 

So, we decided to bring protein to the people. This is our movement, and it’s growing – in more ways than one. Join us today.

Q. Can you really offer quality supplements at such low prices?

A. Yes. First and foremost, we all use our own products. We’ve put extraordinary (some would say ‘obsessive’) amounts of work into making sure that anything we produce delivers on  the performance front, yet comes in at a price we think is realistic for everyone.

Taste and "mixability' are improving all the time, but for us, bio-availability and active ingredient content will always come first. 

Lastly, we aren’t making big profit margins on our supplements. Whilst we obviously need to keep the lights on, we aren’t getting rich. As the movement grows, we’ll invest in  the products and getting them into your hands. What we are making, is gains – mission accomplished!


Q. Where are your supplements made?

A. Our protein supplements are formulated, mixed and packaged in a purpose built facility in Ireland, with all main ingredients sourced nearby. Our pills and capsules are made in the UK, under rigorous quality-control and adherence to best practices. Despite the low cost of Olympus Health products, we don't cut corners or try and save money by buying and repackaging ready-made bulk-purchased supplements, from China or elsewhere. Everything is made in the British Isles and we keep a close eye on quality.

Q. Do you offer samples? What if I order 5kgs and don’t like the taste?

A. Not currently. Our focus is on low prices and great value to you, the customer. If you are concerned about the taste, sign up to our newsletter HERE (NB ADD LINK) and use one of  our subscriber discount codes to order 1kg. 

We don’t offer refunds on taste, as this is subjective, and we’re very much old-school, in that if a product works (and ours do) and aren’t unbearable (ours definitely aren’t) then you should use what you’ve got anyway and get your money’s worth, rather than waste it.

Q. I'd like to stock Olympus Health products at my gym / sports club, or make a bulk order for a discount. Can I do that?

A. Yes. In fact, we'd love to... you'd be helping us to get Protein to the People! Contact us via the site for a trade discount code for orders over £250.

Q. Will you sponsor me / my contest / my sports team / my body transformation / my recovery from injury or accident?

A. Possibly. We created Olympus Health to support hard-training, ordinary individuals and get them extraordinary results. We’d ask the following:

That you are an amateur athlete, or at least not sponsored already. Next, that you’ve used Olympus Health products for a while already, and already honestly reviewed the product, engaged with us through social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) – and know what we stand for. 

We’d also ask that you would be willing to write for our blog – so that other people training on a budget could benefit from your experience, tips and insights. This is a movement, after all! 

Contact us via Facebook if all of the above sounds like you!