Essential Elements bundle New

Essential Elements bundle New

Essential Elements bundle New

    • £7000
    • Save £15.00
    • 5kgs of BEDROCK PRO-XL Protein
    • 1 x iBCAA 500g
    • 60 Multivitamin and mineral capsules
    • Shaker included 
  • Everything you need to supplement your diet.

    To make sure you get the most out of your hard work at the gym, track, pool ring or dojo, we've created this 'cover all bases' package.

    There's no 'ergogenic aids' or performance boosters such as creatine or citrulline (see our pre-workout for that), just good old protein, amino acids and vitamins. 

    Use it on top of a daily diet and know that you're getting adequate 'building blocks' for repairing muscle tissue and enough micronutrients to make sure all the necessary chemical reactions within the body have the right 'substrates' present when the body is under performance-related stress.

    Essential Elements includes:
    165 servings of BEDROCK PRO-XL Protein
    90 iBCAA 500g
    60 Multivitamin and mineral capsules 
    1 x FREE Olympus Health Shaker

    BEDROCK PRO-XL Protein:

    Nutritional Information Per 100g Per 30g
    Energy Kcal 405.94 121.78
    Energy Kj 1699.2515 509.78
    Protein (g) 78.31 23.49
    Carbohydrate (g) 10.69 3.21
    of which sugar (g) 4.18 1.25
    Fat (g) 5.55 1.66
    of which saturates (g) 3.88 1.17
    Fibre (g) 0.00
    Sodium (mg) 567.59 170.28
    Amino Acid Per 100g Protein
    Isoleucine 4.05
    Leucine 7.50
    Lysine 6.27
    Methionine 1.38
    Phenylalanine 4.78
    Threonine 3.45
    Tryptophan 1.01
    Valine 4.18
    Alanine 3.88
    Arginine 6.80
    Aspartic Acid 10.94
    Cysteine 1.40
    Glutamic Acid 18.40
    Glycine 9.82
    Histidine 2.42
    Proline 4.90
    Serine 5.12
    Tyrosine 3.70

    *N.B. This information is based on the Cookies & Creamflavour. The other flavours may differ slightly in composition.

    Whey Protein Concentrate
    Identity Preserved (non GMO)Soya Protein Isolate NOflavonoids / phytoestrogens
    Calcium Caseinate
    Whey Protein Isolate
    Other Ingredients
    Maltodextrin,Defatted Cocoa Powder
    Flavour (Cookies & Cream)
    Thickener (carboxymethyl cellulose)
    Sweetener (sucralose)


    BCAA 500g:

    Use BEDROCK PRO-XL protein as a post work out shake, or to boost protein intake between meals. You can replace meals with BEDROCK PRO-XL if you are restricting calories or carbohydrates (Atkins, Ketogenic or 'slow carb' diets) but please ensure proper fibre and vitamin intake during these periods.

    Take BCAAs 1000mg before, during and after training, on workout days. You're best served by splitting up your daily intake in order to maximise the gain.

    Use your 'Elements' multivitamin and mineral capsules as follows:

    Take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening on training or high-stress days.

    Take 1 capsule per morning and 1 per evening on rest days.

    On non-workout days, take at approximately the same time you would on workout days.

    After 4-6 weeks take 10 days off and start again.




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