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Males Only.

is a triple-threat nutritional 'helping hand' that we're extending to any of our brothers feeling lethargic, depressed or like you aren't getting where you should in life –– in or out of the gym.

Yeah, we've heard all about the global declines in testosterone,heck, even ITV's This Morning show had a feature complete with helplines and we know more and more doctors are prescribing Testosterone Replacement Therapies (TRT) to men as young as 25!

Here's the thing, guys:

Once you get put on TRT, it's VERY HARD TO GET OFF again. You risk shutting down your own Testosterone production, and relying on injections or patches for the rest of your life.

That wasn't going to cut it for us, so at Olympus Health, we researched nutrition and lifestyle changes, tested all kinds of things and ultimately came up with ANDROSTART.

Take it with ZMA to improve your sleep, muscle mass and hormone profiles, and lifestyle changes almost take care of themselves.

Then you can add Vitamin D3 an actual legal steroid hormone that it turns out is the key to most other supplements having any effect at all ...

... YOU NEEDN'T RISK STARTING ON TRT JUST YET... Just get this stack, lift with intensity, get plenty of healthy fats and rest well.

Within 4 weeks, you should be ALL ABOUT THAT #ALPHA_LIFE.

#ALPHA_LIFE includes:
120 Androstart natural testosterone enhancement tablets
60 ZMA capsules
90 Vitamin D3 tablets


  • 120 ANDROSTART natural testosterone enhancement tablets
  • 60 ZMA capsules
  • 90 Vitamin D3 tablets
  • Try this stack before resorting to TRT





Take 2 Androstart tablets upon waking, with water. Wait 20 mins before eating (black coffee is fine but no sugar), then take 1-2 Vitamin D3 along with any multi-vitamins you may be taking with a fat source, such as eggs, coconut oil or butter/milk.

Take another 2 Androstart tablets before bed with 3 ZMA capsules. If you use a casein protein shake or other slow-release protein before sleeping, take your Androstart/ZMA on an empty stomach, then wait 20 mins before drinking/eating your protein source.



Olympus Health ZMA 90 capsules

Olympus Health Vitamin D3 90 tablets

Androstart Testosterone Booster Olympus Health



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