'Ripper' Thermogenic Fat Burner and Pre-workout energy 60 capsules

Olympus Health RIPPER Thermogenic Fat Burner and Pre-workout energy
Olympus Health RIPPER Thermogenic Fat Burner and Pre-workout energy Olympus Health RIPPER Thermogenic Fat Burner and Pre-workout energy

'Ripper' Thermogenic Fat Burner and Pre-workout energy 60 capsules

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    • High caffeine and theobromine content
    • c3g, cinnamon and chromium to control insulin
    • Contains p-synepherine from grapefruit seed extract
    • Active ingredients in researched doses for maximum synergy

    Ripper is more than just a fat burner. It's a dietary support system that can help control hunger, provide extra energy and mental focus and improve 'nutrient partitioning' and metabolism.

    UPDATE: Ripper now contains cyanidin 3-glucoside (from bilberry extract), chromium and cinnamon extract, to help reduce insulin sensitivity and control sugar metabolism: more carbohydrates will be shuttled into muscle tissue and used for energy rather than stored as fat!

    Need to prime for performance? Chasing that killer, driven feeling in the gym? Want to turbocharge your metabolism to help your body shed that last bit of excess fat before a contest?

    'Ripper' is the answer. An ingredient-dense, power-packed revision on our massively popular original Fat Burner / Pre Workout product.

    We've researched, tested and revised this formula until we got to a product that both pushes and protects revs up and replenishes your adrenal glands.

    It's a combination of high caffeine ingredients, highly effective natural nitric oxide boosters, top-quality antioxidantsources and proven thermogenic and circulatoryaids.

    All ingredients are legal and within legal guidelines. Thanks to our formulation, you'll find that hard to believe when you take them.

    Take it before you train. Don't take it before you (try and) sleep.

    Each capsule provides:

    Olympus Health Ripper Fat Loss Burner Thermogenic Capsules

    AS A PRE WORKOUT: Take 2 capsules, with water, 30 mins before a workout. Don't overdo them, especially if you are caffeine sensitive!

    AS A METABOLIC AID FOR FAT LOSS:Take 2 capsules, in the morning with water and before food. For best results, train fasted, using interval type training with BCAAsto protect muscle tissue, and consume only unsweetened, zero-calorie beverages throughout the day.

    AS A MENTAL/FOCUS BOOSTER:Take 1 capsule, with water, an hour before event. Do not use them this way too often, as the results will diminish as tolerances increase.

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